UX/UI and Media Designer, Consultant, Creative Director

Chance Agrella

I tried to keep it simple, but...


I'm a bit hard to summarize.

For the last few years, I've been doing a lot of UX/UI work - at least that's what I say in summary. But I've also been refining the marketing and design skills I've gathered both as part of my "day" jobs and my own side projects. Here are more elements of my broad background, some touched upon elsewhere in this portfolio, some not:

  • My portfolio is heavy on design, but my actual degree is in writing, mostly fiction and creative non-fiction. Thinking narratively has been good for both design and business communication.
  • I've leveraged my creative writing background in a lot of marketing and business communications. I've written ad copy, video scripts, press releases, op-ed articles, business proposals, software requirements, corporate presentations, documentation, customer service templates, email marketing and more. 
  • I've been involved in a lot of business development. In my experience, having a creative voice in the room from inception fosters clarity of concept on both sides.
  • I often draw on my five years at an economic development agency, working directly with large corporate clients and government agencies. Fluency in these areas of corporate decision making made me a better designer.
  • I shoot a lot of photos, both as a hobby and as part of my life as a creative professional. Images are always important. With images accumulating, I started a website to give them away, and this site has grown quite large. Check out Freerange Stock.
  • I started out in video production, and I've edited and/or overseen production of hundreds of corporate videos and commercials. More recently I've edited a few smaller videos in support of software projects, and I produced, co-wrote, and directed an award-winning video about Tucson.
  • I bought about 200,000 35mm slides, many of which are quite amazing, so I created and launched another entire site around photos from earlier than 1980. Take a look at Vintage Stock Photos.
  • I taught video production, media production practices and interactive media design at the University of Arizona for six years.

I love working collaboratively on complex processes and diving into new areas. I always seek positions that allow me to balance creative and technical skills while working with smart people in stimulating environments. 

I would, of course, love to talk about your project.